"The rapid progress made by students of all abilities and year groups, and the high standards they reach at Key Stage 4, show that the quality of teaching is outstanding."
(OFSTED 2013)

In This Section

Learning - Students' Highest Achievement and Progress

Teaching and learning is our core business.  The school strives to make sure that each student's learning is as effective as possible.  To this end our dedicated staff work to promote each child's learning so that they can fulfill their maximum potential. 

The Arnewood School provides every student with a balance of challenge and support.  We believe that children mature at different rates, have a range of skills, interests and aptitudes. We want all to achieve the limit of their capability be it academic, sporting or cultural.

We think children learn best when inspired by talented teachers who together create and maintain a safe and happy learning environment.  We want to work alongside each child, their parents or carers, to nurture those within our care. We are proud our students think it is smart to achieve and that they work to support one another inside and outside the classroom.