Sixth Form

"Students from a wide range of abilities join the Sixth Form and their needs are met by a good range of A Level and vocational courses." (OFSTED 2013)

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The Arnewood School Sixth Form

Welcome to the Arnewood School Sixth Form. The Arnewood School Sixth Form is at the leading edge of provision for post 16 learners in Hampshire and Dorset. At post 16 we celebrate student achievement at all levels. Read more by clicking on the prospectus button above.

Our results are consistently high with one in five students getting an A*-A and over half the students getting  A*- B.  This is a fitting tribute to the efforts of the young adults working in a mature and supportive environment with dedicated teachers. Such high results permit a high proportion of students to continue to university each year, with 80% of the students achieving the first choice university this year.

The Sixth Form Pathways Curriculum offers students an individual route through the wide range of courses provided. For example, students might choose a ‘hands on’ NVQ course such as hairdressing or a more traditional course such as Mathematics, Physics or History.  It is also possible to combine types and levels of course to create a personalised programme appropriate for individual career or future study aspirations.

Sixth form students contribute to their school and wider community through a diverse range of community action activities. An active Sixth Form committee organise social events throughout the year ensuring that The Arnewood Sixth Form is also very much a fun place to be!

You can read more about the Sixth Form in our official online prospectus.  A link is provided at the top of this page. For a student's perspective of the Sixth Form you can select the Alternative Sixth Form Prospectus below. We have hidden it here as best we can - but the truth cannot be suppressed!

The Alternative Student Prospectus