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A New Vision for Arnewood

Jamie Anderson, the new Headteacher at The Arnewood School has set out his exciting vision for the school’s future.

Jamie Anderson, who was previously deputy headteacher at The Bournemouth School, wants to create a bespoke range of opportunities for all students.

He acknowledges the importance of continuing to offer extra-curricular activities so the school turns out well-rounded individuals as well as being academically successful in the grammar school tradition which shaped his early career.

The aim is to maintain a “calm, happy and purposeful school environment based on an inclusive culture of mutual respect.”

Jamie said: “As I embark on taking the school to new heights I have already identified the many existing strengths within the school.

“We have excellent new buildings including our Arts Centre and benefitted from continuous multi-million-pound investments from capital bids over successive years.   Our students enjoy superb facilities including our large library, AstroTurf and outstanding sixth form which many others cannot.

“Our staff are excellent and passionate, and we want to continually develop their skills by investing in training.

“We also want to maintain the partnership with parents, which we know is crucial in helping students achieve their full potential.

“Intellectual curiosity is something we encourage and we aim to provide a pathway for all students so they are free to make the decisions that suit them.

“Our staff are there to help them all overcome their personal challenges, and to ensure all doors remain open and to empower them to achieve their dreams.

“We want students to be proud to belong, and proud to achieve – and in the few short weeks I’ve been here that is what I’ve seen.”

Former headteacher Nigel Pressnell has become Chief Executive Officer of the Gryphon Trust that runs Arnewood and the neighbouring Eaglewood School, which it established to provide alternative provision school for children who find it difficult to cope in mainstream education.

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