The Arnewood App

Keep up to date with the new Arnewood School App!

The Arnewood App is designed to keep you well informed with school news, events and important messages. So whether you are out and about with your phone, or at home with access to a tablet, you will always have a convenient way to find key information.

Please follow these steps to download your app:

1. Click on one of these links to download the app (“Piota Schools”):

● Piota Schools app (Android)

● Piota Schools app (Apple)

2. Type The Arnewood School into the search box and our app will open.

3. Go to the Settings page of the app and in the Channels section select the groups you would like to join to be notified about news, events, letters, information etc.

4. On the Homepage of the app, click on the padlock at the top right to register yourself.

5. Next time you open the app it should go straight to your school and remember the settings you have entered as above.

The Arnewood App home screen.

You may download the app to multiple devices but you will need to install it separately on each one.

IMPORTANT: When you first install the app please allow push notifications, otherwise you will miss out on important information.

You can now register for secure and private messaging. A new feature that allows us to send more personalised messages to certain groups or individuals.

App Registration Help Sheet