Exam Timetables

Timetables for the Summer Examination 2019 will be provided below. They should be regarded as provisional until students receive individual timetables after entries are made in February.

AS level students will not be sitting the AS external examinations in subjects they are intending to continue into year 13, instead, they will be sitting internal AS examinations on the week commencing 17th June.

Students that intend to drop an AS subject will have the opportunity to sit the AS external examination, therefore, gaining a qualification in this subject.

All European exchange students will be sitting AS external examinations

Practical and oral exams, for all foreign languages, Drama, Art & Music etc. will be advised separately. These will not be shown on the timetable as the teachers make separate arrangements for these assessments and will advise students accordingly.


Provisional timetables for this summer’s exams have now been removed as all students have been given their specific, personalised timetables and they should only use this information.

Any queries, students are welcome to see Mrs White in the exams office.

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