Exam Timetables

Summer 2022 examinations are scheduled to proceed from May 16th until June 27th with the National Contingency day scheduled for Wednesday 29th June. All students must remain available to sit their exams up to June 29th and no authorised absence will be approved during these times. Please note many Art, Drama, Science & MFL practical or oral exams are likely to run through April and/or early May and students will be advised accordingly by their teachers. 

Students have been issued individual timetables in February and further copies will be issued after Easter, confirming exam room and seating allocations.  The exam schedule below can be filtered using arrows at the top of each column and select the qualification level required  (eg GCSE/A Level) to see just those exams. Alternatively the subject column can be filtered merely to show one subject’s exam papers and times. To removed a filter, click arrow on relevant column once again and select “all”.  Any examination queries, students must speak to their teacher or visit the exam office as soon as possible.

The 2022 Summer Exam Timetable will be downloaded as an excel document which can then be filtered to see specific exams. Please note this is not visible in your browser.

Summer 2022 Exam Schedule

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