Hair & Beauty

Mrs Powell

Hairdressing and beauty therapy has been and remains an extremely popular vocational area that many young people are enthused by and aspire too. The aim of this qualification is to use the hair and beauty sector as a vehicle to develop learners more broadly, so they are sufficiently prepared and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in any context.

We provide students with opportunities to work creatively and to experience a realistic working environment, preparing them for the working world.

Hair & Beauty KS4

We aim to support young people to:
• develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the hair and beauty sector
• develop a significant knowledge core which spans the entire vocational sector and related industries
• develop academic and study skills that will support progression within the hair and beauty sector and more broadly.

We offer a GCSE equivalent qualification, which counts towards progress 8. Our course will appeal to students with different learning styles and equips them with important communication skills as well as the knowledge required to progress into many sectors.

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (VRQ) is equivalent to one GCSE. It includes two core units that can be applied to any sector or vocational area.


In this qualification, learners will study hairdressing and beauty therapy and related industries (i.e. retail, leisure, fashion, marketing, media, business). The units that make up this qualification include:

  • Understanding the hair and beauty Externally assessed exam
  • Hair and beauty research project. Internally assessed graded assessment tasks.
  • Hair and beauty Internally assessed graded assessment tasks.
  • Responding to a hair and beauty design brief. Internally assessed graded assessment tasks.