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Another Year of Excellent GCSE Results

Arnewood is celebrating after seeing its students come away with excellent GCSE results.

Overall the school saw 65% of its students achieve at least five 9-4 grades that include English and Maths.

Among them were a number of high flying students who have achieved a raft of grade 9s – the new top GCSE grade introduced last year that even beats the old A*.

The grade 9 is designed to be so tough to obtain that very few are expected to be awarded across the country.

But one trio from Arnewood who are on cloud nine is Matilda Gleave, Ben Pang and Laura Alford who achieved 14 grade 9s between them (Matilda scored an impressive six 9s while Ben and Laura got four each).







Other high achievers included Hannah Gorry who came away with two grade 9s and two grade 8s; Kit Narito with one 9 and four 8s; Ruby Watts who achieved two grade 9s and four grade 8s; Eddie Bryant who scored one grade 9 and four grade 8s; Justin Benoit-Means who has one grade 9 and three grade 8s and Elode Ordog with one grade 9 and one grade 8.

All of these high flyers achieved nine GCSEs with grades between 9-5 (grade 4 is considered a standard pass and comparable to the old C grade, while a grade 5 is a strong pass, equivalent to a high C or a low B).

Nigel Pressnell, Headteacher, said: “I am delighted that the hard work put in by all our students in their revision has resulted in an excellent set of results.

“What the headline figures do not show is that a large percentage of our middle ability students have exceeded their expected grades and this is as much as an achievement in my eye as receiving a grade 9.

“I am proud of every single one of our students and the staff who go above and beyond in helping them fulfil their potential.”

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