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Bringing Generations Together

The Y7 literacy group attended a poetry sharing and reminiscing session in November with residents from the Kingfisher Care Home.

Funded by the New Milton Town Partnership as part of the Literacy Festival, drama and speech specialist Jackie Goddard worked with the students and residents over a 6-week period.

Each group developed a short programme that they performed to the other during an informal ‘sharing’ at the Kingfisher Care Home.

The aim of the project was to bring together two groups from different generations to share experiences and build connections.

The 12 students confidently gave their renditions of the different rhymes and limericks they had been learning. Student, Phoebe said, “At first I felt really nervous but when I finished reading the poem I felt happy and proud of myself because I faced up to one of my fears.”

Another student, Tia said, “I like the visit because all the older ladies were so nice and it was fun, we also learnt about the games they played when they were at school.”

After the students read their poems it was the turn of Kingfisher residents, who took it in turns to read their poems aloud. One of the favourites among the students was about the elderly and technology.

Once the poems were done, students had the opportunity to ask the residents some questions, such as what games they played when they were younger and if they had any memories from the war.

The residents’ feedback was very positive with comments like, “very enjoyable” and “It’s been lovely to be involved with the younger generation.”

This opportunity has been a great experience for the students and Arnewood are hoping to continue the relationship with other positive activities.

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