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Drug Awareness Talk

Students gain an insight into what being a drug addict is really like with a hard-hitting talk from ex-drug addict, Paul Hannaford.

Paul, who is 40 and was addicted to heroin for 15 years, visited Arnewood to speak with students in Y7-11 about the tales of his past life.

With warrants out for his arrest, Paul finally gave himself up to the Police and begged them to lock him up. After 3 years in hospital and treatment, Paul is now in recovery and has not used drugs for six years.

By the end of the presentation, students were shocked and stunned to see and hear what the impact of using and being addicted to drugs does. Many commented that it was his real-life experience and total honesty that made his presentation meaningful to them and that they ‘will never try that’.

Images of an open wound in his leg, caused by injecting a cocktail of heroin and crack cocaine up to 100 times a day, was tough to see but students appreciated the real insight into drug addiction, alcohol, gang life, gun & knife crime and prison life.

You can read more about Paul Hannaford and the workshop he provides all around the UK here.

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