Me – Learning

The digital era provides us with new opportunities and challenges. At The Arnewood School, we encourage students to engage with new technologies in all subject areas.

There has been a huge revolution in electronic educational resources and Apps. Nationally, more and more schools are using e-learning based resources to improve access to the curriculum. Many children enjoy contemporary technology and there are benefits to be derived from providing learning in the way in which students are happiest to learn.

It is not our intention to do away with traditional teaching and learning methods but to provide access to alternative methods and resources that can stimulate and inform student’s learning. The Internet has become a powerful and pervasive influence in our society. It provides a wealth of knowledge beyond the standard text book. However, we also recognise that students need to be taught to use this resource wisely and make considered choices about the content they are viewing. To assist with e-safety, all devices (leased and devices brought from home) will have IMPERO installed. This allows us to control the Apps that are visible in school and also to monitor how the iPad is being used, ie websites visited etc.

Students are offered iPads or the opportunity to use a similar device from home. They are connected to a wide variety of online resources and learning opportunities that is growing every day.

Details of the iPad scheme can be found below.

iPad Scheme