PSA Meet Our Committee

Sheralee Coles – Joint Chair

Hi, I’m Sheralee , busy mum of three with my eldest, Oakleigh, being in Year 8 and my other two still at Hordle Primary.  I really wanted to get more involved in the school when Oakleigh joined Arnewood and when an opportunity arose to be Joint Chair of the PSA, I dived in.  Our fledgling year has been a whirlwind learning curve but rewarding, fun and a great success.

Becky Robinson – Joint Chair

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m a mum to 2 daughters. My eldest, Gracie, will soon be going into year 9 at Arnewood and my youngest is still in primary school. I work full time with children so keep myself pretty busy. Last year I joined the PSA as joint chair, it was an enthusiastic and successful year. I look forward to meeting more parents and raising more money to support Arnewood this year coming.

Sonia Workman – Treasurer

I have my own business consultancy, am a wellness coach and look after the PSAs money as the Treasurer. When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me at the beach 😊

Kathryn Smith – Secretary

I’m Kat Smith. My daughter Ellie is in Year 8, and my son Olly is due to join Year 7 in September 2020. I’m Secretary at the PSA, this involves taking minutes and arranging our meetings. I’ve really enjoyed meeting other mums and helping raise money for the school at the fundraising events! 

Jo Ankers – Grant/Donations Lead

 I have been a Committee Member since the PSA was formed back in May 2019, and look after any grant applications and other community fundraising initiatives we can take advantage of.   I am a mum of three children who have been at Arnewood, two of whom have recently left the school and gone onto University, so now I just have Sam in year 10!

Hi, I’m Nicki. I joined the PSA last year and have helped organise second hand uniform donations and sales, as well as other fundraising events in the past.  My son Justin is in his final year (13) and my daughter Eleanor is in Year 9. Being a member of the PSA is a great way to connect with other parents  (as well as have a giggle whilst raising funds for school!)

Hi, I’m Tracy and I work full time at the University of Southampton. I am a mum of three children, 2 of which have long left Arnewood and my last child is in year 10. I wanted to be involved with the school for a while but always too busy, however due to Covid changing how I work I now have more time to help. When I am not working I love to travel.


Hi, I’m Cath and I have only recently joined the PSA as my son has just started in Year 7.  I have two children, my eldest is now at college. I have been involved in my childrens previous schools fundraising teams and think it’s really important for parents to get involved in supporting their child’s school.  Please join the team and get involved!