Parents’ Evening & Report Information

Parents’ Evening

The school uses an online booking system for parents’ evening. The system enables you to book appointments with all of your child’s teachers.

If you have a parents’ evening coming up go to to see which appointments are available and select those that are convenient for you. It is suggested that you leave a five minute gap between appointments. You will have received a letter informing you when the system has gone live for your child’s year group.

To use the system you will need:

  • Your title (Miss/Mr/Mrs/Ms)
  • Your surname
  • Your child’s first name and surname
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • Your child’s tutor group code (you can find this on the letter)



There are various formal times during the year when we are able to give you information about your child’s progress. Annual reports are also sent home to parents/carers containing the following:

  • Current School Grade
  • End of Key Stage Target Grade
  • Comment by subject teacher.
  • Group setting arrangements.
  • Attitude to Learning Level
  • Homework Level.

Definitions of the Attitude to Learning Level on your child’s report can be found here.

Parent Evening & Record of Achievement Calendar 2017 – 2018