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Pennyfarthing Construction Award

Talented Lloyd Vivian in Y11 has been given the tools to help him build his dream career in construction.


Lloyd was presented with the Pennyfarthing Homes Construction Award after demonstrating hard work and dedication to his studies in construction. He also received a £200 voucher from Travis Perkins.

This generous prize is designed to provide a young student with the opportunity to purchase tools and equipment which will support their future career and allow them to apply some of the skills they have learnt while studying construction at Arnewood.

Lloyd has just finished his GCSEs and will be starting his apprenticeship with Matthew Brewer Carpentry.

Lloyd said, “I was really surprised and really happy when I won the Pennyfarthing Construction Award. Everyone on the course has worked hard and done really well.”

“I will need lots of tools when I start my apprenticeship and they are really expensive so the £200 voucher will really help me get started.”

The presentation was held on Thursday 21st June at the Alexandra Meadows Development in Lymington, where 70 new homes are being built. This year students were given a tour of the site to support their subject knowledge of construction and gain an insight into the building techniques and practices used on site.

Headteacher, Nigel Pressnell said, “This is a well-deserved award for Lloyd who has put in so much effort. It is great that out students have been given this opportunity by Pennyfarthing Homes to get a real insight into the world of work.”

A big well done to Lloyd.

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