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School Council Discuss New Youth Centre

The Arnewood School Student Council met with New Milton Town Council’s Youth Coordinator Silma Ramsaywack this week to discuss exciting plans for a proposed new youth centre.

Mrs Ramsaywack was joined by Mark Dury and Tom Sofikitis from Spud. Spud is a world leader in developing collaborations involving art, architecture and education based in Sway.

The group helped brainstorm ideas for the new youth centre building as part of the process of creating a brief for the architects. Other young people, including a group from Eaglewood School, are also contributing ideas over the consultation period.







The site for the proposed youth centre is on land kindly donated by Double H nursery adjacent to Fawcetts Fields.

Nigel Pressnell, Headteacher said, “This is an exciting project and I am delighted young people are being involved in the innovative design of space just for them. Youth facilities are important in providing an amenity for young people in New Milton”.

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