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Core Mathematics AS Level

Core Maths (2 units)

This qualification is designed to support post-16 learners with the mathematical and statistical needs of their further study of other subjects, as well as for employment and everyday life. The needs of learners preparing for a variety of technical and professional roles are met through learning about mathematical modelling, costing, risk and the use of spreadsheets. Financial problem solving is a part of the qualification; this is important for all learners, irrespective of their future ambitions. This qualification gives learners the mathematical skills to tackle problems in a variety of authentic situations*. It enables learners to strengthen the mathematical knowledge and skills which they have learnt at GCSE so that they can apply them to the problems which they will encounter in further study, life and employment. The use of technology – in particular, spreadsheets – is an integral part of the course. Level 3 Certificate in Core Maths B (MEI) is a linear qualification with 100% external assessment comprising two timed written examination papers.

Paper 1

• 50% of the marks for the qualification covering the content of Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning.
• All questions are compulsory.
• One paper with six to nine questions set in a variety of contexts.
Paper 2
• 50% of the marks for the qualification covering the content of Statistical Problem Solving.
• All questions are compulsory.
• Section A: 3 to 4 questions, total 30 marks.
• Section B: 3 to 4 questions, total 30 marks.
• The questions in Section B will assume that learners are familiar with the pre-release data.
Recommended support materials and revision guides
Written in conjunction with the MEI team, this print textbook covers all components from both specifications: Introduction to quantitative reasoning, Critical maths and Statistical problem solving. It supports students and teachers through the OCR Core Maths (MEI) courses, placing learning in context throughout, to help students apply their learning to a wide range of situations.
What can I do after I’ve completed the course?
Core Maths is a highly regarded qualification to have achieved and
forms an integral part in the study of many subjects in further education. The course provides students with a foundation for further study at higher education, complementing courses such as business, psychology, geography and finance.
Entry Requirements
A minimum of 5 GCSE passes at grade 5 and above. Students are expected to have gained at least a grade 4 in GCSE mathematics.
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