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Philosophy and Ethics AS/A Level

Study 1: Philosophy

Students will study a range of topics to include arguments about the existence of God, the nature and impact of religious experience and the challenges for religious belief of the problem of evil.

Study 2: Ethics

Students will study a range of ethical theories including natural law, situation ethics and utilitarianism. Each of these will be applied to contemporary issues such as abortion, sexuality and nuclear war.

Study 3: Religion

Students will study some of the key beliefs, values and teachings of Christianity. There will also be an opportunity to examine whether God is male or female, the relationship between science and religion and the challenges of Christian migration to the UK.

Entry Requirements

Students are expected to have gained a minimum of 5 GCSE passes at grade 5 and above.

Examination arrangements

Each study is assessed by a 2 hour exam (33%) of total qualification

Recommended support materials and revision guides

Eduqas produce a textbook and revision guide to accompany the course, and there are several other recommended texts. The library subscribes to the excellent Dialogue magazine, published specifically for A level RS. The RS website has detailed information, biographies, criticisms, interactive diagrams, games, links and past papers.


A level Philosophy and Ethics develops skills in analysis, use of evidence, research, argument, discussion and essay writing, preparing you for a range of further studies and careers. In particular, law, journalism, medicine, management, government, education, police, community work, public relations and the media.

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