The photography qualification should form a means of personal enquiry and expression involving the production and manipulation of images. Students must employ creative approaches which go beyond mere observation and recording. Traditional skills will be touched upon, although the majority embraces digital technologies.


Photography – Transition

Photography transition work – Support material

Photography AS/A2 Level

Students are required to:

> Undertake visual research using primary and secondary sources and record observations, experiences and ideas.

> Develop intentions, through the realisation of ideas and outcomes exploring and reviewing possible solutions and modifying work appropriately.

> Understand and use a range of materials, equipment, processes and techniques to develop linked and sequenced work.

> Know and understand a range of work from art history and different cultures, demonstrating an understanding of continuity and change in art, craft and design.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of 5 GCSE passes at grade 5 and above is preferable.

Examination arrangements and weightings

AS Component 1: Art and Design coursework = (50% AS)

AS Component 2: Externally Set Assignment = (50% AS)

Preparation period followed by an 10 hour exam

A2 Component 1: Art and Design Coursework = (60% A2)

A2 Component 2: Externally Set Assignment = (40% A2)

Preparation period followed by a 15 hour exam.

Recommended support materials and revision guides

Students are encouraged to buy “The Photo Book” pocket A-Z guide published by Phaidon. Photo Book students need to consider costs for A3 Portfolios, printing, SD memory card and USB memory stick. Having your own camera is advised but DSLR cameras are available to loan from the department.


Success in this subject will clearly benefit you if you wish to take up an Arts Foundation course or a related media/ photography/arts degree course, Graphics Illustration, Game design and animation. Career opportunities include travel, sports and portrait photography. Working for a design company or going freelance. Media and filmmaking.