Post 16 Options

The raising of the participation age in England means that, whatever your child’s next step, some form of study or training is compulsory until at least the age of 18. We aim to support our students and families with the advice and resources to guide them through various  post 16 options, whether that be the pursuit of academic qualifications and higher education or a more vocational pathway.

The following resources have been collated to support you, supporting your child through their post-16 options and into Higher Education.



Parents Guide to supporting your child through their GCSE’s 2020-21.


Parents Guide to Careers


Leaving School – Post 16 Destinations


Parents Guide to A Level’s 2020-21Parents Guide to A Level’s 2020-21




Advice for parents/carers on how to support your child when; choosing Sixth Form subjects, dealing with grade reports and fostering independence in Sixth Form.