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Street Sense – Road Safety Assembly

Y7 and 8 students learn the importance of road safety.


Road safety demonstration on how to wear a helmet correctly

As the nights are drawing in it is vital to remember the importance of road safety. That is why Y7 and 8 students recently took part in a Street Sense assembly delivered by Hampshire County Council.

Street Sense is a road safety campaign designed for 11 to 16 year olds. The aim is to help teenagers stay safe as they travel on foot or bike, particularly when on the way to and from school.

The assembly was a thought provoking and hard-hitting presentation consisting of facts and statistics. It was highlighted that 12-19 year olds are more likely than other road users to be killed or seriously injured in a road incident.

‘42% of Capital FM listeners in Hampshire aged 12-16 who were surveyed, admitted to ‘sometimes’ using a mobile phone whilst crossing the road. With almost 1 in 5 teenagers reporting they’ve been involved in a road accident or ‘near miss’ on their way home from school’.


The interactive assembly also included a demonstration of the difference cycle helmets make with the use of an egg. With help from one of the students, the audience was able to see what happens to the egg when dropped compared to what happens to it when wearing its own ‘helmet’. It was surprising to see how many students raised their hand when asked if they don’t wear a helmet when cycling. Something we hope has now changed since the assembly.

The importance of being visible and bright was then discussed to make sure that pedestrians and cyclists are doing all they can to make sure motorists can see them.

Another interactive demonstration was shown but this time for pedestrian safety. This was to enable the audience to visualise stopping distances for vehicles, even at slow speeds, to make them realise how long it takes a vehicle to stop.

The assembly ended with another important message about distractions at the roadside, which is another factor in young pedestrian casualties. Use of mobile phones and music were given as an example as well as a final video being shown to demonstrate how easy a mobile phone can lead to a devastating outcome.

We hope this assembly was a real eye opener for our students and that they realise the importance of road safety.

Road Safety – What can you do to keep yourself safe?

Make sure you plan your journeys carefully choosing the safest not the shortest route and use safe crossing places where you can. Make yourself seen to traffic wearing bright colours during the day and reflective materials when dark. Always give the road your FULL attention and if cycling, wear a helmet!

Use voicemail and turn your music off, it can all wait until you are safely across the road or at your destination. Remember it takes 23 meters for a car travelling at 30mph to stop – that’s about 6 car lengths, and this doubles when wet!



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