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Students’ Photos Provide Food for Thought

A group of New Forest teenagers has produced a photographic study to support an exciting new programme that aims to help young people live more healthily.

The six students from The Arnewood School in New Milton were supporting a research programme called EACH-B – Engaging Adolescents in Changing Behaviour, run by the University of Southampton.

Working alongside fine art photographer Annabel Foot, the youngsters spent several weeks using their smartphones to capture young people’s views on food, exercise and health.

The culmination of their studies is now on display at the Forest Arts Centre in New Milton.

Professor Mary Barker, who leads the EACH-B project, said: “The young people’s images give a brilliant insight into the world of young people and how they think.

“They took and selected the photos they wanted us to see, and so created their own messages about eating and exercising. We are delighted that they were prepared to share these images with us.”

As well as being showcased in a photographic exhibition, the Arnewood students’ work also features in a book called ‘Waving Through a Window’.

The photographic project, which has been funded by a grant from the Wessex Clinical Research Network, is linked to the EACH-B intervention programme. The programme has also involved young people in the development of an interactive smartphone game which is aimed at supporting teenagers to eat better and exercise more.

EACH-B is funded by the NIHR and run by the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit and NIHR Biomedical Research Unit at the University of Southampton.

Nigel Pressnell, Headteacher at The Arnewood School, said “This was a challenging project over a number of months and I am very grateful to Dr Foot, the University of Southampton, and Forest Arts for choosing to work with Arnewood students.

“The students threw themselves into producing wonderful images and the resulting book and exhibition are very much to the team’s credit. I can see this being the start of a promising career in media for some of them.”

Schools in Southampton are currently being recruited to the EACH-B project. To find out more visit

The Arnewood students’ exhibition runs at the Forest Arts Centre, Old Milton Road, New Milton from 9 January to 8 February 2020. Visit the website here

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