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Childcare KS4


This subject is aimed at students who wish to be introduced to childcare and development for children aged 0-5 years. It also gives learners an insight into their preferred learning styles and assists in developing their ability to study. A childcare qualification provides the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification that gives a basic introduction to the childcare sector including careers such as teaching, midwifery and nursing.

This childcare qualification is a GCSE equivalent qualification, which counts towards progress 8.


Learners must achieve three units:

  • Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children aged 0-5 years – internally assessed graded assessment Tasks.
  • Unit 2 – Development and well being 0-5 years. internally assessed graded Assessment Tasks
  • Unit 3. Childcare and development 0-5 years. Multiple Choice Question Paper.

The Award is graded from A* to D.

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