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Design & Technology KS4

  • To prepare students to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors.
  • To provide students with opportunities to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise.
  • To enable to study core technical and designing and making principles, including a broad range of design processes, materials techniques and equipment.


Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
  • Carry out series of small practical tasks to develop and demonstrate competence in core practical skills
  • Develop knowledge of materials and design principles that will support course work and theory task
  • A major coursework task, when a wide range of tools, techniques and machinery will be used to produce a product to meet a real design problem.
  • Develop a breadth of core technical knowledge and understanding that consists of, new and emerging technologies, energy generation and storage, developments in new materials, systems approach to designing, mechanical devices, materials and their working properties.


Key assessment details:

Coursework – 50% of total marks, a single design and make task chosen from a variety of set themes.

Written exam – one paper, 2 hours long.

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