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Drama KS3

  • To promote an interest and encourage active engagement in the many styles of Drama.
  • To develop an understanding of the four areas of assessment for Drama: group work, making, performing, responding
  • Be able to use dramatic techniques to explore ideas, issues and texts
  • Be able to sustain a role or roles using particular performance styles
  • Understand how to communicate with an audience using voice, gesture, movement, timing and space
  • Be able to work co-operatively with others
  • Be able to evaluate and analyse the structure, meaning and impact of plays they have studied, read, watched or in which they have taken part.


Year 7
Year 8
  • Group work – working well with a variety of people, offering suggestions and develop the ideas of others.
  • Group work – ability to work sensitively and cooperatively with anyone, taking a lead role in group work, taking lead role in whole group activities
  • Making – ability to plan and structure plays, showing knowledge of different drama techniques, devising drama from a range of different stimuli.
  • Making – devising drama in different styles, based on a range of subject, using rehearsal techniques to develop acting.
  • Performing – create and perform a range of characters, use a range of skills and techniques in performance, demonstrate some awareness of audience when performing.
  • Performing – performing with confidence, expression, technical accuracy and fluency, which is fully sustained, using a range of spaces, showing clear awareness of audience.
  • Responding – describe and evaluate students’ own work and that of others, use of key words when talking about drama seen.
  • Responding – describe, evaluate, explain and analyse own work and that of others, use technical terms when writing about own work and performances seen, including live theatre.


Key assessment details :

Students will be assessed regularly throughout KS3, at the end of each term they will have a summative assessment of their understanding of that scheme of work.

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