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English Language & Literature KS3



Pupils’ transition to Key Stage 3 in English will ensure they maintain the key skills in writing and reading comprehension from Key Stage 2.  Pupils will develop their ability to respond to texts as critical thinkers using the key reading skills of inference, deduction and evaluation. They will also develop their understanding of critical writing.

Year 7:

Half term Curriculum focus Landmark assessment
Autumn 1 Students complete a letter writing task to introduce themselves to their teacher.


Students study the novel ‘Trash’ and explore how characters are presented, language and structural features.


Students explore a range of myths to understand the structure and archetypes of stories.

Benchmark written assessment



A written response to class reader – comprehension or WHW response



A written comprehension response to a myth.



Autumn 2 Students are introduced to the theme of class and injustice in the world of Victorian Britain through extracts from Dickens and non-fiction writers.


Students explore autobiographical writing on the theme of childhood memories through reading various extracts from writers including Roald Dahl and Maya Angelou.

A written response to a non-fiction

extract or a piece of creative writing.




A reading assessment analysing an extract of autobiographical writing.

Half term Curriculum focus Landmark assessment
Spring 1 Students study the theme of conflict through poetry and prose extracts.


A WHW response to ‘The Sentry’ by Wilfred Owen.
Spring 2 All Year 7 students explore the features of mystery and detective fiction including the work of Conan Doyle.






Students read extracts of a Victorian text – ‘Alice in Wonderland’


A reading assessment based on ‘The Speckled Band’


Creative writing – own description creating tension/suspense in response to an extract from ‘The Woman in White’



A reading assessment of an extract from ‘Alice in Wonderland’


A recount activity based on the novel – writing a newspaper article


Summer 1 All students prepare for Year 7 examination revising key skills.



All students study writing about famous explorers in non-fiction and fiction texts.


Year 7 written examination.




A written response – writing to argue/persuade and writing to describe.


Summer 2 Students to gain an introduction to studying Shakespeare at KS3 through studying different extracts from different Shakespeare plays.




Students to complement their study of Shakespearean English with learning about the history of the English Language.


Analysis of how language is used in an extract from ‘Hamlet’.


A piece of writing in character – a soliloquy as Lady Macbeth or Macbeth.



Reading comprehension of ‘Beowulf’.


Re-tell story of ‘Beowulf’ in prose from perspective of Grendel.



Co-Curricular: Some students have the opportunity to attend a session with a visiting story-teller.  All students participate in the House Spelling Bee in the autumn term.

Year 8:

Half term Curriculum focus Landmark assessment
Autumn 1 Gothic fiction – students study a range of short stories from Gothic fiction to understand key features of ghost story genre.






Travel writing – students study a range of non-fiction texts on the theme of travel to understand different perspectives and narrative voices.

Reading assessment exploring how writer creates suspense.


Writing assessment – own opening to a ghost story.


Writing assessment – review of a trip/holiday.


Autumn 2 Shakespeare – students study a comedy such as ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ to understand dramatic characterisation.



Media – students study a media-based unit exploring how a director creates tension/suspense in a film.

Reading assessment exploring how a character/theme is portrayed in the play.


Reading assessment exploring how tension/suspense is created in several scenes.

Spring 1 Non-fiction extracts on topical issues.


Beginner’s Guide – persuasive writing on a topic of the students’ choice.



Written guide to inform advise reader.


Spring 2 Novel ‘Trash’ – students will study how characters are presented and language/structural features


Freedom Writers –




Reading assessment in response to an extract




Summer 1 Poetry from Other Cultures – students study the craft of different writers and start to compare texts.


Autobiographical Writing – extracts from Maya Angelou



Reading assessment comparing 2 poems.



Writing assessment – recount of a memorable event.



Summer 2 Exam Preparation – reading practice of non-fiction extracts.




Science Fiction – students study key features of this genre and how the writer engages the reader.

Reading assessment comparing writers’ viewpoints.



Writing assessment – to produce own section of a science fiction story.





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