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Geography KS4

  • To develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of locations, places, environments and processes locally, nationally and globally.
  • To enable students to understand the interactions between people and the environment and how these can change over time and space.
  • To extend their competence in a range of skills including fieldwork, in using maps and GIS, researching secondary evidence and enquiry skills.


Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
  • Ecosystems, biodiversity and management
  • Global Development
  • Changing Cities
  • Fieldwork – Human Geography
  • Weather hazards and climate change
  • The Changing Landscapes of the UK Rivers and Coasts
  • Revision
  • Geographical Skills
  • Fieldwork – Physical Geography
  • Resource Management
  • Exam


Key assessment details:

In years 9 and 10 students will be assessed regularly using class knowledge tests, GCSE examination-style tasks, end of unit exams as well as homework.  There will be a formal assessment during each year where students will be tested on the main topic areas.

In year 11 students will sit three external written exams in May/June.


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