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  • To promote an interest in and encourage active engagement in learning ICT.
  • To develop work related skills and awareness of issues that arise in ICT within the work place.
  • To enable students to understand and use a variety of ICT software packages which are used in a range of different working environments.
  • To enable students to work independently with increasing confidence as they would in a work environment.
  • To enable students to express themselves through their IT skills and enhance their presentation skills.


Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
  • Gain the basic understand of a range of software packages and be able to use them to GCSE level. These will include;
    • Word
    • Spreadsheet
    • Website Design
    • Graphics
    • Audio
    • Animation
  • Build on the understanding gained in Year 9 and develop individual units of coursework, which cover a range of units. This work will include researching topics as well as working through the unit to a fixed scenario. All coursework must be completed independently and a fixed deadline must be met.
  • In Year 11, students study for an on-line exam, which will be available for them to take when the teacher feels they are ready. The online exam is approximately one hour long and contain short as well as long questions, which require evaluative thought processes. After the exam, the students complete a e-portfolio to showcase their work. Whilst this forms part of the students final assessed mark, it is also a good way for the students to show the IT skills to further educational providers and employers.


Key assessment details

This is a vocational course, which has one, one hour, exam, which is assessable to the students when they are ready to take it. All other assessment is through, controlled assessment of units of coursework. All of which must be completed independently and to a fixed period.


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