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English Language & English Literature KS 5

KS5    Edexcel A Level English Language

Year 12:

Half term Curriculum focus Landmark assessment
Autumn 1 Introduction to English Language – study of key frameworks including context, graphology, phonology, lexis/semantics and grammar.  


Extended response comparing 2 texts

Autumn 2 Introduction to Child Language Acquisition – focusing on how children acquire speech and theories of language acquisition


Introduction to Language and Identity – students will study how writers/speakers use language to convey their persona

Spring 1 Child Language Acquisition – revision of stages and theories.


Students will study how children develop literacy skills.


Students will continue to study how language is used to shape identity in written and spoken texts.

Year 12 mock exam


Spring 2 Poetry anthology – students will continue studying poems focusing on imagery, structure and theme and comparison between poems. Essay question comparing poems.
Summer 1 Revision for Language and Identity paper


Revision for Child Language Acquisition paper

Year 12 mock exam


Year 12 mock exam

Summer 2 Introduction to coursework – guided study of different genres for coursework.


Introduction to Language Variation – overview of the development of English Language over time.











Year 13:

Half term Curriculum focus Landmark assessment
Autumn 1 Child Language Acquisition – revision of how children acquire speech


Language and Identity – revision of key frameworks and linguistic terms to support comparison of texts



Coursework – Crafting Language – students choose their own genre of writing to produce 2 pieces of writing for different audiences



Language Variation – students will study the key historical periods of development in English and key features that have changed over time.

End of year 12 assessment


End of year 12 assessment




First draft of coursework






Autumn 2 Coursework – Crafting Language – revision and editing of coursework by students


Language Variation and Identity

Final draft of coursework



Essay question comparing 2 texts from different periods/writers

Spring 1 Child Language Acquisition – revision of how children develop literacy skills


Coursework – Crafting Language – planning and writing a commentary


Language Investigation Study – students choose an area based on pre-release topics set by the board

Essay question from past paper


Draft of commentary completed

Spring 2 Language Variation and Identity – students use past papers to put analytical skills into practice


Coursework – Crafting Language – students produce final version of commentary to accompany coursework

Essay questions completed




Completed commentary submitted for coursework

Summer 1 Revision for A Level Exams Past paper questions
Summer 2 Revision for A Level exams Terminal exams completed






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