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KS4 Food Technical Award

  • To promote an interest in and encourage active engagement in learning about food preparation in a commercial environment with a focus on creativity.
  • To provide students with opportunities to link education and the world of work, in engaging, relevant and practical ways
  • To enable students to develop transferable skills, including working with others, problem solving and independent study


Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
  • Skill demonstration – Learners will create a number of small practical outcomes to demonstrate their competence in core skills. These will include the transferable skill of teamwork. Learners will provide evidence of their work in a portfolio.
  • Extended making project – Learners will undertake an extended making project that showcases the skills and knowledge they have developed in year 1. This will include planning, testing, and evaluating.
  • Food and catering fundamentals – Learners will study commodities, menu planning and key aspects of commercial catering practice including food hygiene and food presentation. They will also learn about possible careers within industry.


Key assessment details:
  • Two coursework assignments
  • An examination, including multiple choice questions, short answer and extended response questions.
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