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Maths KS3

  • To build on existing knowledge developed at primary school.
  • To continue to develop both numeracy and algebraic skills appropriate to the ability of individual groups of students.
  • To focus closely upon using appropriate numeracy skills for problem solving.
  • To develop good discipline in the correct layout of written work so that solutions to problems are accurate and are easy to follow.
  • To develop an ability in students to prepare correctly for any written assessment they may face in mathematics.
  • To work in the main without a calculator.
  • To regularly assess and inform all stakeholders of individual students’ progress.


Year 7
Year 8
  • Key numerical skills – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Confidence with working with decimals, fractions and percentages.
  • To build upon skills reinforced and developed in year 7.
  • Introducing and using factors, primes, HCF, LCM and index notation.
  • Further development of numeracy skills.
  • Key algebraic skills – collecting like terms, substitution, solving linear equations
  • Further work on algebraic skills developed in year 7. To include more complex linear equations and rearranging formulae.
  • Key skills applied to shape and space, area and perimeter of shapes.
  • Further work on shape and space to include Pythagoras’ Theorem.


Key assessment details:

Students will be assessed twice termly. Assessment tests are carefully standardised prior to use to ensure that the level of challenge is correct for individual groups of students. A performance pass mark for each test is also agreed. The content of tests generally focusses upon work done within a given period of time but also will focus upon more general themes learnt over time. Tests are carefully marked and individual staff in charge of each year group ensure results are centrally recorded and interrogated to ascertain the performance of individual students and classes. This then informs leaders within the department about any intervention strategies that may be needed to be put in place to ensure students are making the required progress. Prior data such as SATS, CATS and a base line test are also used to measure individual progress. End of school grades are awarded based upon the collective results of all assessments throughout the year.

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