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Tipping the Scales to Help Out


Sixth formers at The Arnewood School in New Milton organised a competition between their tutor groups – to see which could donate the most food.

The objective was to collect as much produce as possible for the Lymington Food Bank, which donates it to struggling families to help tackle food poverty.

After the collection period the school hosted a live weigh-in, live-streamed to all the tutor groups.

The total weight donated was 205kg – more than 32 stones – and consisted of around 500 items.

The winning tutor group was Vikki Sedgley and Fiona Wood’s group ‘SVS’.

Headteacher Nigel Pressnell said: “The Big Weigh In was a great idea to do some good for our community.

“Our sixth formers really got stuck in and together managed to donate a huge amount of food.

“They were very much aware that some families will be struggling this year and really wanted to help.

“It has been a very difficult term for all of us but everyone has pulled together and this effort shows what great students we have.

“To add a competitive element really made the weigh-in exciting when we viewed it on the live stream.

“We were also indebted to Danestream Farm Shop in New Milton who loaned is the scales.”

Briony Dunn-Mussert and Sophie McPartland from the winning tutor group, ‘SVS’
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