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Transition Days

We hosted 2 transition days this term to introduce our new starters to life at Arnewood School. Transition days give students a chance to experience the very different structure of secondary school, meet their peers, tutors and teachers and explore the new environment ahead of their first day in September.


The Year 6s who will become Arnewood’s Year 7 cohort of 2024 joined us on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July. The students found out which tutor groups they will belong to, completed testing, participated in an orienteering activity and attended lessons. The orienteering helps them to become familiar with the Arnewood campus as well as pointing out some of the important functional areas such as the canteen, finance office and medical suite.


In lessons students were encouraged to work together to get to know one another. In English they did some collaborative writing challenges. They are also introduced to the idea of becoming more responsible, in science they donned lab equipment and got their Bunsen burner licences.


At lunch time, this was the first group to sample the new canteen food that will be served from September as the school catering is taken over by specialist company Aspens.


Mr Emecz will be the Head of Year 7 in the new academic year. Mr Emecz said, “the first year at secondary school is a big step up, with lots of interesting subjects to get used to, a different building to explore and new teachers and friends to meet. Our transition programme makes our new students to feel more comfortable and less anxious before they start, but we understand that settling in doesn’t always happen overnight and we support them every step of the way.”


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