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Hampshire Book Awards

A group of committed Y8 students have spent the last couple of months enthusiastically reading books for the Hampshire Book Award 2017. The six books to be judged were chosen by Y9 students across Hampshire, whose only criteria was that these books must have been published in paperback during 2016. The great mix of chosen books included the genre science fiction, adventure and history with such diverse subjects as slavery and life in a futuristic world.

The Arnewood students met every week to discuss the books. This proved lively as no clear winner was apparent. Every book was judged for its enjoyment factor, how well it engaged the students, and the level of enrichment.

On 4th July the students met up with ten other local schools for a morning of discussion and debate before the all important vote. The conversations amongst the students demonstrated a balance of favourites, thus making the final vote even more exciting.

As the voting slips were counted and sent to be added to those from the rest of the county, the students enjoyed a quiz.

Amidst cheers, and some sighs, the winner was declared to be ‘River of Ink Genesis’ by Helen Dennis. This tells the story of a boy who is washed up on the bank of the River Thames. Initially he cannot speak and cannot remember who he is. Kassia is a bright girl, home-schooled by her overbearing mother. When River Boy moves in to Kassia’s life, everything changes…It’s a fast-paced adventure with plenty of mystery to keep the reader engaged.

All six H.B.A. books are on display in the library and reviews can be read in the Library News section on FireFly. Why don’t you read them and make your own judgment?

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