Arbor Parent Portal

Update information such as medical details, dietary needs and contact information with Parent Portal. In a move to improve home-school communication, we are adopting a more paperless approach to contacting parents and carers.


ArborWe are pleased to say that our new ‘Parent Portal’ from Arbor is now available. This is your link into the school system that allows you to view your child’s key data held by the school. This information includes future school reports, attendance and rewards. It will also allow you to receive important notifications from the school and to book appointments for progress evenings.

The app also allows you to confirm the contact details we have on file for you. When you log in for the first time, please check that the address and contact details we hold for you and the student are correct. This can be found in the ‘Profile’ section. If they are incorrect, please update them in the app – we will be notified of the changes.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, schools have requirements around the way they use pupil and parent data.  Parent Portal helps the school comply with the GDPR data requirements, by providing a simple way to collect, manage and handle information by obtaining accurate data securely from parents.

You may also be asked to allow notifications. We ask that you do allow these, as we will be sending important messages that concern your child via the app and this will help ensure you receive them quickly.

Getting started with Parent Portal

To log in for the first time

Arbor advise that on the first time you log in, you log in on a PC as the process can be extremely difficult on a small mobile screen. This only needs to be done once, and is to set the password and read the terms and conditions.

You should do this by going to, clicking on ‘Forgotten Password?’ and following the instructions on screen. Your username is the email address we have on file for you.

To log in after the first time

The parent portal can be accessed in three ways – through an Android app, and iOS app for Apple users, and via a web browser on a desktop PC.

To locate the app on either the android or iOS store, please search for ‘Arbor’ or click the links below.

iOS / Apple: Please click here
Android: Please click here

When you log in through the apps, please use your email address and password you used when you logged in for the first time.

If you need help:

If you have trouble setting up your password or have general questions about the Parent Portal, visit this Help Centre article.
If your username is no longer an email address you use, please contact our Arbor manager on
If you have any queries please contact Mr J Hutson by email