SIMS Parent Lite

Update information such as medical details, dietary needs and contact information with SIMS Parent Lite. In a move to improve home-school communication, we are adopting a more paperless approach to contacting parents and carers.

Parents will be receiving an activation email once they have confirmed their correct email address. A letter with more information regarding this has been sent home.

 Introducing SIMS Parent Lite, which:
  • Aids schools in managing data accuracy and upkeep, and also ‘security in transit’ by enabling parents and staff to confirm data and update changes as required throughout the academic year.
  • Allows you to review and request changes to information such as medical details and dietary needs electronically, using the text information function. Parents can also provide additional information on these crucial details, ensuring that personal information not previously held in SIMS is collected.
  • Allows you to complete an online “data checking sheet” to update the contact information we hold for your son/daughter removing the need for paper-based collection –something we would urge you to do the first time you log in.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect, schools will have new requirements around the way they use pupil and parent data.  SIMS Parent Lite helps schools comply with the new GDPR data requirements, by providing a simple way to collect, manage and handle information by obtaining accurate data securely from parents.

Getting started with SIMS Parent Lite.
  1. We will send you an activation email; simply click on the link from your smartphone, tablet or PC to activate your account.
  2. You can then log in using your normal Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft or Office 365 username and password.
  3. There is a link straight to the SIMS Parent Lite website within our Arnewood School app, therefore from your smartphone or tablet, download the Arnewood School App from Google Play or the Apple App store – search for Arnewood School. Click the link to SIMS Parent Lite from within the Information tile on the app.
  4. Once you have registered, you can access the SIMS Parent website by visiting directly.

If you have any queries please contact Miss S Milligan – IT Manager & Data Protection Officer by telephone 01425 625432 or you can email