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Induction Day 2023

The Arnewood School was pleased to host the Year 6s that will make our next Year 7 cohort for two full days of induction. The pupils met their tutors and were placed in their tutor groups ahead of their start in September. To get a taste of life at Arnewood they attended classes and had lunch in the cafeteria. Head of Year 7, Mrs Timmis made sure there was plenty of fun activities to support team building and collaboration.

Over both days, pupils took part in a treasure hunt to see if they could attain or demonstrate 3 of the 5 qualities that are the bases of the pillars of the Arnewood curriculum, namely collaboration, ambition and tolerance. At the end of the second day they attended an assembly to officially welcome them to The Arnewood School Community. They received badges and certificates in recognition of their efforts in the treasure hunt as well as their willingness to participate. After the assembly they all went out onto the field to enjoy an ice lolly together.


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