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It Must Be Love for Arnewood


This boisterous jukebox musical celebrating the songs of Madness was performed over three nights in January. With a record-breaking cast of over 90 students and teachers, this Arnewood production was a raucous extravaganza packed with plenty of attitude and nutty charm.

In the story, teenager Joe breaks into an empty property, planning to show his girlfriend Sarah the impressive view. When the police arrive, he must choose between running away or turning himself in. From that sliding doors moment, we follow two versions of Joe, one good and one bad. Noah Woodcraft took on the challenging role of Joe, playing two contrasting personalities unequivocally well and winning over the audience with his easy likable manner. 

Well thought out staging and slick costume changes enhanced the concept of the two stories running in parallel. Witty dialogue was brought to life by a strong cast of cameo parts and had the audience belly-laughing throughout the show.

Our House was not without its share of moving moments. Mollie Gazzard, a natural on stage, brought plenty down-to-earth reality and grace to the production as Sarah.

The exuberant ensemble revelled in the choreography created by Miss Briscoe and Elliot Lowe and gave the production a real fizz. The band re-produced the authentic ‘Madness’ sound to flawlessly match the upbeat choreography and stage direction. 

The unparalleled talent and energy of the cast was blindingly evident, with every member singing and dancing for all their worth to the obvious delight of the audience. Our House was certainly worth pulling on your ‘baggy trousers’ and ‘driving in my car’ or getting ‘the night boat to Cairo’ to see, it would have been madness to miss it!

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