Our Fundraising

In the 2021/22 school year we managed to raise just short of £10,000!!

This was down to a mix of local community grants from Tescos, Bournemouth Water, Nisa and Coop, plus revenue from a variety of activities including a school disco for year 8s, running a bar and refreshments stand at the school production, and also running an online gently used uniform store.


2021/22 Fundraising Breakdown


Coop Local Community programme – £2468

Tesco Community Grant – £1000

Bournemouth Water – £1000

Nisa Make a Difference Grant – £500

Arnold Clark Foundation – £1,000


School Lottery ticket sales – £1773

School Uniform sales – £709

School Production Bar – £473

Other misc – £98


What did we spend it on?


The money we raised was spend on a number of requested items from School including:

New tennis nets

New outdoor shelter

New picnic benches

New Crash Mats

Whiteboards for each department

Equipment for a new area “The Zone”


For the 2022-23 school year we have set ourselves an £8,000 target where we are hoping to help to continue fund furnishings and equipment for the Zone safe space at School.