Our Fundraising

Since our inception in June 2019, we have managed to raise an amazing £77,000!!!

This is largely thanks to a very generous £69,000 donation from a local anonymous charitable trust who wanted to support the PSA in their initial fundraising drive to re-equip the school with much needed IT equipment. We had set ourselves a £10,000 initial money target for 2019/20, which would have replaced computers for one IT room. However thanks to this amazing generosity, that target was smashed, and we have been able to replace and re-equip no less than nine computer rooms with new hardware.


A snapshot of fundraisers the PSA has done recently;

  • Year 7 Disco
  • Christmas Mug/Gift labels art project
  • Refreshments and Bar at School Production
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Second Hand Uniform Sales



Local Charitable Trust Donation                                                    £69,000

Other Donations/Grants by Local Companies                              £2,000

School Lottery                                                                                       £1,800

Ad-hoc PSA events                                                                               £1,700

Parent/Other Donations/Contributions                                          £2,900

TOTAL TO DATE TO END SCHOOL YEAR 2020                         £77,400


For the 2020-21 school year, we have again set ourselves a £10,000 target, with which we are hoping to help fund the refurbish the main building toilets. However due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, traditional fundraising activities are going to be limited. We therefore need to find new revenue streams and focus on easy no-hassle wins such as the School Lottery.