Safeguarding News

The Safeguarding Team regularly update the safeguarding news with current and relevant topics that may prove useful for helping to keep our children safe. 

Dear Parents / carers

The safeguarding team would like to invite you to a FREE webinar to support our young people in the community. The anti-knife crime charity, The Ben Kinsell Trust has launched an online course for all our parents and carers.

The course will focus on Exploitation, Gangs and Knife Crime Awareness and will be based on a two-part course over two evening sessions on Tuesday 20th June & Tuesday 27th June (7-9pm). Learn more about what is regular teenager behaviour or what might be signs that a young person in your care is being groomed or exploited.

These sessions are delivered by an ex – Police Officer and come highly recommended by our local policing team who we work closely alongside.

These are valuable resources and signposting tools to prevent youth violence and exploitation. I understand that they are available nationally so a quick sign up my be necessary.

Following the webinar if you have any questions please do make contact with us at school. Early in July all students in years 7, 8 and 9 (year 10 to follow later) will receive an assembly by the local police to support our young people keeping safe as they approached the school holiday season.

As always if you have a safeguarding concern for your child, your family or another person please do make contact with our safeguarding team at school on 01425 625400 or email and we will respond to your message.

If a child is at risk or imminent risk please call 999 for assistance.

Kind regards

Mrs Reece

Assistant Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Is ANIME safe for our children and teens?

What parents and carers need to know about ANIME.

Today we’re privileged to be able to experience art from other cultures at the press of a button. A popular example of this is the Japanese animation style known as anime – a creative, unique style that you might recognise from classic 90s animations such as Ghost in the Shell. With recent releases like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners dominating online discussion for months, anime is bigger now than ever.


Although anime appeals to all generations in the West, its largest demographic by far is that of children and young people. However, this doesn’t mean that all anime is age-appropriate, and parents and carers are encouraged to make themselves aware of the kind of content their children could be exposed to.  We have been advised that the content can range from innocuous, child-friendly material, all the way to highly adult themes.


The cartoonish style of anime can lead people to assume that all media of this type is child-friendly. Anime is known to span all age ratings and many types of content – from innocuous, child-friendly material, all the way to highly-adult themes, and in some cases, branching into pornography. National Online Safety have produced a helpful guide which explores the risks of anime, detailing what can be done to keep children safe while they enjoy it. A link to the guide can be found here. If you require further information on this area please do not hesitate to make contact with your child’s tutor, the safeguarding team at school or for technology related matters with the IT team. Thank you for your continued support in keeping children safe online.