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Scola Project Update

Preparations are underway with regards to the SCOLA Project. 

The next four weeks are crucial in ensuring that all contracts, licences, temporary buildings, temporary car parks, room movements, and commissioning works for the temporary classrooms are all completed on time ready for the commencement date of Monday 19th March.

We respectfully remind parents that the school is not an open access site outside of school hours and children may not use school grounds unless part of an organised activity led by an approved adult. This is especially important while the grounds contain building works.

Please see below the timeline of events over the next four weeks.

SCOLA Project Timeline – First Stage


Feb 14th – Temporary Car Parking will be marked out / fencing put into place. Internal roadway marked for vehicle use. Works to be over a 2 day period. Ensure area is clear for marking.

Feb 16th – Site visit by Portakabin site manager with regard to marking out of temporary classrooms in the playground area. No works scheduled for this day

Feb 19thAll staff that use the Playground Car Park will be required to use the temporary car parking area as from this date until further notice.

Feb 19th – Playground area to be fenced off and out of bounds for all students / traffic whilst foundations are put in place for Portakabins and allowed to cure.

Feb 23rd – Track ways to be used by crane to fit Portakabins will be delivered to site

Feb 24th  – Portakabins x 3 are scheduled to arrive and partial erection of buildings carried out over weekend period to minimise safety concerns. These works will continue for 3 weeks and will require the Playground area being out of bounds to all staff / students whilst the works are taking place.

Feb 26th – Removal from site of track ways used by crane regarding Portakabins

Mar 1st – Last day of SCOLA Car Park being used by staff.

Mar 2nd – SCOLA Car Park will be closed from 8am – 3pm

Mar 2nd – Visit from Stuart Yeo (NFDC) at 10am with regard to issuing permit / licence for SCOLA Car Park to be used as a contractors compound.

Mar 2nd  – All SCOLA permit holders to use Temporary Car Park until project completetion

Mar 4th – Last day of use by Leisure Centre customers.

Mar 5th – SCOLA Car Park will become a contractor’s compound for duration of project works. Access to Leisure Centre will remain as side gate. 

Mar 9th – All commissioning works on Portakabins will be completed and buildings handed over to Arnewood for full use as specified in project plan.

Mar 12th – Refurbishment works will commence on S32 for a 4 week period. S37 and John’s Prep Room will remain in use whilst S32 is out of action.

Mar 12th – Scaffolding and enabling works will commence on SCOLA Building 

Mar 12th – Room Changes will commence and will begin with Maths, followed by Science. At the same time Hair & Beauty will begin movement also at this time, along with Site Team assisting with other changes as specified regarding offices, staff room etc.

Mar 19th – Commencement of refurbishment works to SCOLA to include Isolation of all services to areas identified in Phase 1 of refurbishment to begin.

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