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Sponge and Cake

Arnewood Sixth’s leadership team are raising money to hold a safeguarding fair to promote safety and wellbeing for the whole school community. During lunch on Wednesday 28th June, they hosted a hilarious “sponge the teacher” event and a cake sale.

It was fantastic to see so many students and teachers getting involved. Arnewood Sixth has expressed thanks to all the parents/guardians and staff who supplied delicious cakes for the sale and those who sent students in with some money  and made this special event possible.

The weather was fantastic for getting wet and the teachers were great sports, baking cakes and allowing students and other teachers to throw wet sponges at them, everyone seemed to have perfect aim!

The sixth form leadership team did the most fantastic job of organizing the event and getting involved. At the end of the event the teachers got their own back and the sixth form students got soaked by the bucketful.

The event managed to raise £483.55 towards the goal of holding a safeguarding fair aimed at keeping children safe in school and out in the community. The fair is run by Hampshire Police who work with different companies and charities such as AlterEgo. These organisations deliver an innovative and powerful production, which effectively highlights very serious and emotional issues of child sexual exploitation.

These fun and incredibly beneficial events would not be possible without the participation and support of everyone involved.  Well done and thank you to you all!

Special thanks to the sixth form student team:


Elizabeth Grylls

Jess Embleton

Fred Gouldstone

Elisha Jones

Ethan Miles

Tim Chan

Abbie Light

Mollie Gazzard

Izzy Hollyoake

Daisy Adams-Vivian

Mackenzie De Caux

Luke Lansbury

Francesca Witney

Tilly Burn

Fidel Henry

Samuel Douglass




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