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Year 7 Winter Inter-tutor Competition 2023

On Thursday 9th November our Year 7s participated in an inter-tutor cross county competition. The course proved extremely challenging but students impressed teachers with their steely determination despite a tough course and adverse conditions. 07MSL took home the most points in the cross county event.

On Wednesday 29th November our Year 7s participated in the 2nd inter-tutor event of the term. Students elected to play either Basketball in the sports hall or Football on the Astro to represent their tutor group. The competition took place in the first two periods of the day and all the teams were mixed gender and included both A and B teams.

In each match, points were awarded for player of the match, for the number of goals or baskets scored in the match and for the outcome of the match. Participants got to work on their teambuilding skills and had a ton of fun while doing so.

07MSL dominated in the football competition and 07AGR came out tops in the basketball. It was Miss Samuels own 07MSL who reigned supreme at the end of all three disciplines with a total of 15 points. Well done to all of our year 7s for demonstrating great effort, commitment and integrity.


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